Sugar Mamma Caramels

Sugar Mamma Caramels | Hand crafted, small batch, desserts specializing in "award winning" Sea Salt Caramels! You can find us out and about around San Diego, or order direct from our website! | Sugar Mamma Caramels & Treats | San Diego, CA

My mission is to make extremely high quality hand-crafted small batch caramels. I use high quality ingredients and make the caramels to order. I fill requests for one bag or 200 bags! I accommodate special orders as well. My caramels are truly made with love and joy.



Sugar Mamma Caramels was featured in a 2 page article in the San Diego Union Tribune!


Best caramels I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many!!”  — Matt

I am not fooling, this candy is awesome!”  — Jodi

 “Your caramels are amazing!! So deliciously mouthwatering!”  — Debbie

Sugar Mamma caramels is one of those fabulous things that you think you want to save for special occasions but realize that is dumb because they are SO delicious you should enjoy them as often as you can!” — Becky

"The Chai Caramels taste like Christmas!"  — Megan