Sugar Mamma Caramels

Sugar Mamma Caramels | Hand crafted, small batch, desserts specializing in "award winning" Sea Salt Caramels! You can find us out and about around San Diego, or order direct from our website! | Sugar Mamma Caramels & Treats | San Diego, CA

My mission is to make extremely high quality hand-crafted small batch caramels. I use high quality ingredients and make the caramels to order. I fill requests for one bag or 200 bags! I accommodate special orders as well. My caramels are truly made with love and joy.

Sugar Mamma Caramels all began as a gift of love.


Since 2009, our founder and confectioner, Nancy Flint, has been gifting family and friends with her signature Sea Salt Caramels every Christmas.  Encouraged by their “oohing and ahhing” every year, Nancy entered a local candy making contest and won!  The award led to a local TV spot and a small CFO (Cottage Food Operation) was born!

Our caramels are made to order using only the highest quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives.  All our caramels are made in small batches, entirely hand-crafted in our kitchen in San Diego, California.

Buttery, creamy, soft, and luscious…each bite of Sugar Mamma Caramel is a gift made with love.

Founder, Nancy Flint (known as “Mamma Flint” to her local fans) lives in San Diego with her husband Michael and their 2 precious daughters.

Give love, add a little sugar