Sugar Mamma

Hand crafted, small batch, desserts specializing in "award winning" Sea Salt Caramels!

My mission is to make extremely high quality hand-crafted small batch caramels. I use high quality ingredients and make the caramels to order. I fill requests for one bag or 200 bags! I accommodate special orders as well. My caramels are truly made with love and joy.

Vanilla Marshmallows

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20150921_182707 (1) copy.png

Vanilla Marshmallows


Hand-crafted, small batch, package of 7.0 oz. (8 pieces)
Our marshmallows are fluffy, light, and melt-in-your-mouth pillows of deliciousness! Better than any marshmallow in a bag!

USPS Flat Rate Shipping
$6.80 (1-4 bags and/or up to 1 pound)
$13.45 (5-12 bags and/or up to 5 pounds)
$18.75 (12+ and/or up to 20 pounds)

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